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Horrific: This ONE photo may completely change Arab/Israeli relations FOREVER

by Michele Hickford


Earlier this week Col. West reported onthe death of violent terrorist Samir Kuntar, who was apparently killed by an Israeli airstrike in Syria. Kuntar had been held in prison in Israel for 30 years. And now he’s dead.

But that’s not what has caused a stir in the Arab world.

A Facebook post by Faisal al-Qassem, an al-Jazeera journalist has gone viral, showing a side-by-side comparison of a wretched, emaciated Syrian prisoner compared to a rather tubby Kuntar being released from prison. The photo has generated rare praise from the Arab world for Israel.


“Samir Kuntar left an Israeli prison with a beer belly and a doctorate. At the other extreme, this is how Syrians leave Assad’s prisons,” read the text accompanying the photo.

The Times of Israel reports, The photo of Kuntar is from his 2008 release from an Israeli prison after 29 years behind bars over the brutal slaying of four Israelis in a 1979 terror raid on the northern Israeli town of Nahariya, an attack in which he smashed the head of a four-year-old with his rifle butt, killing her.

While in prison, Kuntar participated in a program through which Palestinian prisoners were allowed to take online




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