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Imam at Montreal Mosque explains Muhammad’s wisdom regarding wife beating


The Sheik Dr. Zain al Abidine bin Muhammad Balafrej (زين العابدين بن محمد بلافريج), of Moroccan descent, serves as the Imam of the al-Qadi Ayyad (مسجد القاضي عياض) Mosque in Casablanca and as an adviser for Islamic centres in the West.

On July 12, 2013 Balafrej visited Nur al-Islam Mosque in northern Montreal, Quebec (4675 Rue Amiens, Montreal Nord, QC H1H) and delivered the Friday sermon, which dealt with marital relationship according the Islamic Law (Sharia). The following is an excerpt of his speech (originally in Arabic):

“A woman complained to the Messenger of Allah. Her husband [who came with her] to the Messenger was present [there]. She raised three complaints. The first one: her husband used to beat her when she was praying. The second one: he used to feed her when she was fasting. The third one: Safwan [her husband] prayed the Morning Prayer only after the sunrise.

“After she said what she said, our Master the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] PBUH [peace be upon him] said to them, the Prophet PBUH [said]: O Safawn, what do you say with regard to what your wife has said. He [Safwan] said: O Messenger of Allah, regarding her saying, he was defending himself, responding to what his wife has said, I beat her when she was praying as she was reciting in prayer two chapters [of the Koran “surah”]. I stopped her [from reciting the chapters] but she didn’t cease reciting], and therefore I beat her.

“The Prophet answered. The Prophet is the best judge in the world; he is the envoy who brought the Islamic Law [Sharia], the representative on behalf of Allah in earth, the most rightful in earth, [he is] the noblest Prophet PBUH. He PBUH said, judging between her and her husband. He said: if it was only one chapter it was enough. He ruled in favor of the man [husband] and he didn’t rule in favor of the wife. She said that he used to beat me when I was praying, and he used to beat her when she was reciting two chapters [of the Koran during prayer] while [reciting] only one chapter was enough for her prayer. She was praying two chapters and thus extended the prayer and she didn’t take care of her husband [during the prayer] and delayed taking care of her husband.

“The Prophet PBUH said to her: one chapter is enough, don’t recite two chapters in prayer. If it was one chapter, the [Prophet] PBUH said, it was enough [for carrying out her religious duty], meaning one chapter is enough, so why did you recite two chapters in prayer? The Prophet did justice between the two adversaries and ruled justly as he is the most rightful in earth PBUH…

“He [her husband] said: with regard to her saying that I used to feed her [forcibly] when she was fasting, [it should be noted that] I am a young man [meaning wants to have sex with his wife] and I cannot bear it [conjugal relations are not allowed during the fast]. [The Prophet] PBUH said judging between them… the wife is not allowed to fast when her husband is present [with her] unless he gives his permission. A wife should not do a voluntary fast when her husband is present unless he gives his permission. If it is obligatory then she can fast without asking a permission as Allah is the one who ordered her to do so.”

Wife’s status in Islam – The Muslim Canadian perspective

Islamic literature prevalent in Islamic bookstores or being distributed for free in Canada, and prominent Canadian Imams representing the Muslim community mainstream, provide provide an interesting Islamic perspective with regard to women’s rights in Islam:

Jamal Badawi (Nova Scotia): According Islam women unfit by nature to lead because they undergo various physiological and psychological changes during their monthly periods and pregnancies.

Imam Omar Subedar (Ontario): “Men are in charge of women… Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking herwives… have an obligation to be obedient to their husbands.”

Sheik Houssein Muhammad Amer (Quebec): Wife “beating in Islam is a type of education.. The beating is a type of education… the beating is used after exhausting all effective and successful [possible] solutions and [it turned out that] there is no treatment without it… This is the case regarding the wife if you are right… if the estrangement fails the beating [of the wife] is permitted.”

Sheikh Musleh Khan (Ontario): The husband is the only leader of the family; “the wife should be obedient to her husband at all times” including when he call her to bed; she should “ask her husband permission before leaving the home” and “is obliged to serve her husband.”

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kader Kandil (Quebec): “The man has a right over his wife also regarding the issue of obedience in the sense that she has to obey him on any matter and particularly when the man calls his wife to bed.”

Imam Abdi Hersy (Alberta): “The husband has many rights [حقوق] on his wife… first and foremost, she has to obey you. She has to obey you, ok. He comes with the orders. You have to give orders and she has to obey you… That’s one of the rights of the husband for his wife. So she is going to cook and clean and prepare food… So she has to obey you… And the biggest thing when it comes to obeying your husband, ladies, is when he calls you in the bed stop what you are doing, quit… Obey your husband… The other thing that is a right upon the wife for her husband is she cannot leave the house without his permission

First and foremost, ladies obey husbands… First and foremost, if you order her to pray or to obey Allah… she has no choice but to obey him… if husband calls his wife to his bed and she refuses without any valid excuse… the angels curse her until morning… She has to listen if he orders to restrain herself or refrain from haram [forbidden action]. She wants to do haram [forbidden action], and he says no, she has to obey him with that… if you order to do prayer, do prayers… she has to obey you,she cannot say no.”

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips (Ontario): “Men are considered the head of the family and the final decisions are in his handher responsibility is to obey him as long as his requests are permissible according to Islamic law… [In] Islam, a woman is obliged to give herself to her husband and he may not be charged with rape… It is true that the Sharee’ah does permit a husband to hit his wife… The Qur’anic verse outlines the procedures which should be followed in the case of a rebellious and unjustly disobedient wife… the intent of this beating is not inflicting pain and punishment but merely to bring the woman back to her senses and re-establish authority in the family.”

Shaykh Said Rageah (Ontario): “Also something that we are not doing it is [that] we no longer have theghirah [protective jealousy] that is needed… when a man looks at your sister or your wife and her brother passes by what should you [her brother] do? Knocking him out. Right?

Sa’ad bin Ubaada was the man [who] got married and the family delivered the wife on a horse, and as soon as she got off the horse, what did he do? He took his dagger and killed the horse… He said: no, no man will sit where my wife sat

And Allah said in the Quran: go and find four witnesses if you find a man with your wife. AndSa’ad said… you want me to find a man with my wife and I’ll say: Hey guys, stay where you are and I’ll bring four witnesses God Willing [ان شاء الله]. Don’t go anywhere. He said: O Messenger of Allah, [يا رسول الله] by the time I bring my witnesses they were done. It’s over. The business is over. In that kind of business what do you expect?

He said: I swear by Allah, O the Messenger of Allah [والله يا رسول الله], I swear by Allah [والله] I will kill them both with the back of my sword. Meaning [يعنى] he [didn’t] come with the edge of his sword, [but] the back, so they’d die slowly. That’s how he wants to kill them. So [Muhammad’s] companions [صحابة] [said]: How could you say that Messenger of Allah peace and blessing be upon him. The Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad] said: Are you concerned about Sa’ad’s jealousy? I swear by Allah that I’m more jealous than Sa’ad and Allah is more jealous than I.”

York Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) held in campus (February 23-27, 2015) the annual event of Islam Awareness Week bearing the title “What Does The Qur’an Say?”

York MSA Female students wearing hijab and niqab, who manned the Info Booth at the Central Square of York University, handed out to students the book “Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions,” authored by the Saudi scholar Dr. Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha and printed by the Saudi Dawah organization Muslim World League (رابطة العالم الاسلامي). For Blogwrath’s report on the event clickhere.

The following are excerpts of the book:

Although beating of women is generally forbidden, Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted and limited sense only as a final solution and acceptable valid reason when all else fails… Allah deals with the case of a wife who behaves immorally towards her husband’s rights. The treatment of this extremely sensitive issue comes in gradual stages… Third and final stage: Beating without hurting, breaking a bone, leaving black or blue marks on the body, and


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