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He Almost Died Because Of A Habit We All Have. Beware

Here is the man- John Gardener

The 40-year-old man couldn’t stop nail-biting even after doctor’s restriction. This habit led him to septic infection which was quite severe and led to heart attack.


It’s a dangerous disease

Doctors say that he bit his fingers until they bled. Because of the habit, his fingers were almost damaged and it can be known from the fact that they became numb of the pain when he used to inflicate on them.

Fingers in poor condition

The physicians told he used to bite the nails until the fingers started to bleed. The continuous damage numbed them so the pain would no longer stop him from biting.

Anxiety and depressions are the cause

His doctor, Dr. Vernon, said, “John’s nails were always in poor condition, and they were often bleeding when he came to the doctors.” He also


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