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Egypt guns down mentally ill nude ‘Palestinian’ on beach…NOT ONE DAMN PEEP FROM THE WORLD

World silent, Gazans furious as Egyptian troops caught on video shooting naked man repeatedly as he swam over border, instead of arresting.

By Ari Yashar


Egyptian soldiers were caught on tape Saturday brutally gunning down a mentally ill Palestinian man who waded in the water from Gaza into Egyptian territory – but world leaders have been silent on the killing, in stark contrast to the common condemnation of IDF security measures against actual terrorists.

The victim, 28-year-old Ishak Khalil Hassan, hails from the Gaza City neighborhood of Zeitoun. Reports from Gaza show the man was known to be suffering from mental illness.

Al-Jazeera aired footage of Hassan walking naked into the Mediterranean Sea on the Gaza border with Sinai, and crossing through a wire fence into Egyptian territory. Then, before he could reach the shore and despite the clear lack of any security risk posed by the nude man, the soldiers are seen gunning him down still in the water.

In the video a person on the beach is seen signaling to Egyptian security forces, trying to get them to stop repeatedly shooting the man, but it is too late and Hassan’s body is seen floating in the sea before being washed onto the shore.

“The shocking images aired by media outlets showing the death of the mentally disturbed young man by the Egyptian military mere meters from the border at Rafah testifies to the level of cruelty of those who carried it out and show that this was a cold-blooded execution,” said the interior ministry of the Hamas terrorist organization in a statement.

“This is a reprehensible act that goes against all humanitarian laws and conventions,” it added, demanding


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