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People Are FURIOUS At Burger King Over What They Just Announced, Muslims Will Be Cheering


The goal is to make money.

Muslims have won a victory in France, but the way a fast food chain is complying with Sharia Law has left a bad taste in the mouths of many customers.

Burger King has recently taken over a chain of about 400 fast food restaurants in France called Quick. Most of those will be operated as Burger King. However, about 10 percent of them will continue to be operated as Quick. Those restaurants will be totally halal, complying with all Muslim religious edicts related to food preparation. They will ban all pork and bacon products and require that the beef and chicken be slaughtered according to Islamic religious tradition.

The goal is to make money. With 5 million Muslims, France leads Europe in the size of its Muslim population. A published report pegged the size of the French halal market at more than 5 billion euros.

Coming barely a month after the terrorist attacks in Paris, and at a time when many say radical Islam is at war with the West, giving anything to Muslims their way apparently rubs a few people the  wrong way.

“The Islamification of the West is spreading, and


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