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Report: Diplomats trying to talk Hezbollah out of taking revenge on Israel for Kuntar killing

  •  Jerusalem formally mum on Kuntar killing, ministers and MKS congratulate whoever did it
  •  Nasrallah’s Test: Will Hezbollah retaliate for the assassination of Samir Kuntar?
International Diplomats are working feverishly with Lebanese officials in an effort to prevent a revenge attack against Israel by Hezbollah following the killing of one of its top commanders in Damascus, Samir Kuntar, earlier this week, according to a report which appeared Saturday in the Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas.

The report cites European sources as saying that “Lebanese officials are aware that the threats made by the Netanyahu government are very serious.”

In a speech on Monday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel with revenge over Kuntar’s killing in an air strike in Syria on Saturday.

“Samir is one of us and a commander of our resistance and it is our right to retaliate for his assassination in the place, time and a way we see appropriate. We will exercise this right, God willing,” he said.

“We have no doubt or question that Israel is the one which assassinated Samir Kuntar, its planes fired precise missiles on an apartment [he was in],” Nasrallah said in a speech aired on the group’s al-Manar TV station.

A number of Syrians were also killed in the attack.

“We, in a firm and definite way, hold the Zionist enemy responsible for assassinating him,” Nasrallah said.

“Samir Kuntar’s blood will give the Palestinian youth more determination,” said Nasrallah, according to al-Manar’s website, referring to the ongoing terrorism in Israel.

Israel has warned Hezbollah against attempting any attacks on its soldiers or communities in the North following the Kuntar killing.

“Hezbollah is likely to be more careful because it knows that Israel will respond directly to any incident by entering the Syrian and Lebanese fronts,” the European source was quoted as saying by the Kuwaiti newspaper.

The official speculated that Iran may have ordered Hezbollah to stand down and refrain from responding given the delicate and complex geopolitical situation in the region.

While Jerusalem made no formal comment about Saturday’s killing in Syria of Lebanese Druse terrorist Samir Kuntar, various ministers and MKs were not shy Sunday about expressing their satisfaction, without in any way acknowledging any Israeli responsibility.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who often uses the opening of weekly cabinet meetings to comment on hot topics on the national agenda, made no mention Sunday of Kuntar’s killing.

Hezbollah and Syrian state media accused Israel of


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