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7 Things Israeli People Do Better Than Anyone

Israelis are very cool and friendly people. They are very fresh, intelligent and they also make some really yummy food. After a researching we have created this list of 7 things that Israelis do the best. Now you can love your Israeli friend even more. Tell us what you think about this in our comment section. Oh, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

1. Being fresh

Give your Israeli friend 1 or 2 hours and they will literally feel like they’re home (and make you feel comfortable, also). Israeli people are fresh in a cool and funny way. They become friends with anybody in a matter of seconds, or they don’t. But if they do, prepare for their straight-forwardness and most likely a life-long friendship. They are never embarrased by anything, which is something good.


2. Being effective and stubborn

As we said in the first point, they never feel embarrased. This is very good, because they become extremely resilient people. When they find a problem, they never stop until it’s solved. Israelis also never surrender, as we have seen from the many attacks they have suffered since the establishment of the country.

3. Making hummus and shawarmas

Oh, god. Our beloved hummus. There is no better dip/sauce. And who better to make it than Israelis themselves? As hummus is a middle eastern creation, they are one


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