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A head for a head: Afghan militia decapitate four ISIS fighters – after extremists killed their own men in the same brutal way

  • A total of eight men have been decapitated by the blood-thirsty rival groups
  • ISIS beheaded the four militiamen and its fighters were killed in revenge
  • All eight men were taken hostage during a violent gunfight on Saturday
  • Afghan officials say four districts have recently come under ISIS control 

ISIS fighters and an Afghan militia group have beheaded a total of eight men in a series of tit-for-tat revenge killings, according to an Afghan official.

Four men have been beheaded from each side, in a blood-thirsty decapitation war following a gunfight on Saturday.

The ISIS fighters were beheaded by the militia group, in pay-back after ISIS beheaded four of the militia members.

The killings have been going on in the eastern border province of Nangarhar, in Afghanistan.


Ghalib Mujahib, governor of the Achin district in the south of Nangarhar province, said that the eight men who died had all been captured by their opposition during battles on Saturday. 

He said that four members of the militia group – which is controlled by prominent lawmaker Zahir Qadir, deputy speaker of parliament – were taken hostage during a gunfight with ISIS, and beheaded.

In revenge, four of the five ISIS gunmen captured by the militia men were also beheaded. The heads were then placed on stones along a main road through Achin.
‘We condemn the act of Daesh, and of course we condemn the act of Qadir’s men here,’ continued Mujahib, using an alternative name for ISIS.
‘It is not acceptable for either side to act like this.’
It is not unusual for powerful figures in Afghanistan to control personal militias, though the central government and international organisations such as the United Nations have expressed concern about a growing number of armed groups that are not part of the government’s security force.
Achin is one of four districts that Afghan officials say has come under ISIS control in recent months.


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