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Hezbollah says Israel should fear Russian response to IDF assassinations if it continues to act in Syria

Associates of Lebanese terror group also suggest Israel should fear Russia’s response if it continues activities in Syria.

By Cynthia Blank


Hezbollah’s response to Israel for the assassination of arch-terroristSamir Kuntar will come from Syrian territory, Lebanese television network Al-Jadeed reported Sunday morning.

Kuntar, infamous for the 1979 murder of three Israelis in Nahariya, was killed near Damascus last Sunday in a raid widely suspected to have been conducted by the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

Al Jadeed’s report cites Hezbollah associates, who warn Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu not to be so sure of Russia’s indifference to the Syria strike which killed Kuntar.

According to the same sources, if Russia felt Israel’s strikes inside Syria were beneficial to terrorist organizations, they


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