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Israel warns Hezbollah: “Revenge for the elimination of Kuntar will lead to war”

A senior level Israeli official made it clear to Hezbollah that Israel would respond with force to any action against it, even at the cost of entering the territory of Lebanon and Syria.

Idan Cohen

Israel might consider an all-out war against Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah. This terrifying scenario might come into fruition if Israel is attacked.

Earlier this week, Israel eliminated Samir Kuntar. According to Syrian sources, several missiles hit a building in the Jaramana suburb of Damascus, where he was staying. Hezbollah promised to avenge his death. A Lebanese newspaper that identifies with the Shia terrorist organization hinted that there will not be quiet following Kuntar’s elimination.

According to the foreign press, in the past months, Kuntar worked in Syria to establish terror infrastructure in the Golan Heights, which was supposed to carry out terror attacks directed by Hezbollah, Iran, and the Assad regime.

Kuntar, a Lebanese terrorist, killed members of the Haran family and two police officers in the northern city of Nahariya in 1979. He was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences but was released in 2008 in exchange for the


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