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Japan has it right on Islam, is your country ever to follow its lead…find out

By Carole Hornsby Haynes


Japan has chosen to approach Islam differently, both officially and publicly and so has avoided the problems of the West. At the diplomatic level, senior officials in Japan rarely entertain Muslim leaders and rarely visit Muslim countries. The relationship extends only to the Japanese importation of oil and gas products from some Muslim countries.

Muslims who go to Japan are usually employees of foreign companies, although the official policy is to deny entry to Muslims, even engineers, doctors and managers. Japanese corporations seeking foreign workers let it be known that Muslims need not apply. Construction workers brought in through foreign contractors keep a very low profile.

Permanent residency is seldom granted to Muslims. The official policy is not to grant citizenship to Muslims, regardless of how long they have lived in Japan.

If Muslims are caught proselytizing for Islam, they can be deported and/or jailed.

It is difficult to import Qurans, and few mosques exist in Japan. The establishment of Muslim organizations is forbidden. Few Arabic classes are found in universities. Men are expected to pray at home and not prostrate themselves collectively in public areas unless they wish to risk jail and/or deportation.

Halal food is not readily available in supermarkets, and Shariah law does not exist at all.

Unlike Americans who get caught in the politically correct trap of trying to distinguish between radical and moderate Muslims, Japan assumes that all Muslims are fundamentalists who are unwilling to give up their barbaric ways and Shariah law.

Unlike Americans, the Japanese do not find


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