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Ancient arch of Palmyra which was destroyed by Isis will be recreated in Trafalgar Square and Times Square using the world’s largest 3D printer

  • Arch is the only remaining part of Temple of Bel, razed by Isis in August
  • Institute of Digital Archaeology will recreate arch in London and New York
  • Made in Shanghai, finished in Italy then built like Lego in Trafalgar Square
  • On show for a week but Mayor Boris Johnson could consider keeping it

The 2,000-year-old arch of an ancient site destroyed by Isis is to be recreated in Trafalgar Square and Times Square as a ‘call to action’ over the militants’ destruction of antiquities.

The famous arch is all that remains of the Temple of Bel in Syria, which was reduced to rubble by Isis militants in August, who murdered its curator and packed the site with explosives.

But the 15-metre arch, which many fear will soon be destroyed, is to be recreated in London and New York, using the world’s largest 3D printer.


The project is funded by the institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA), who say it is a ‘call to action’, to draw attention to what is happening in Syria, Iraq, and now Lybia.

IDA executive director Roger Michel said: ‘We are saying to them if you destroy something, we can rebuild it again. The symbolic value of these sites is enormous, we are restoring dignity to people,’ reports The Times.

He added: ‘We selected the arch as a specific tribute to the last remaining portion of the ancient site. sadly, I don’ think it will be around for very long.’

Isis overran Palmyra in May, then in August murdered Khaled Asaad, 82, who worked as head of antiquities there for more than 50 years. They beheaded him and strung his body up.



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