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Oil and Salt: Medicinal Mixture … After Its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years


The natural home remedy that I will present your today, relives pain of osteoporosis and that after its use, you will not feel any pain for several years.

Salt (sea salt) and unrefined vegetable oil are the ingredients needed for this massage mixture. You should prepare the medical mixture immediately for the entire process of medication. You actually need 20 tbsp of olive oil (sunflower, olive) and 10 tbsp of salt.

Medicinal solution for Osteoporosis treatment.


Make a mixture between the salt and oil, pour and close it in a glass bottle. You will get a light mixture after a few days.

On cervical vertebrae in place where you feel pain, rub with a vigorous massage every morning. In the beginning, massage for 3-4 min and add another 2-3 min every day in the event to reach 20 min for the whole massaging time. Wipe your neck with a warm and wet towel after the end of the massage.

It may cause minor skin irritation when implementing procedures like this. Wipe your skin and sprinkle with baby’s powder after the end of the massage.

You will improve muscle regeneration of the bone


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