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Italy To Ban This Muslim Item From Being Worn In Public Places


Since the 1970s, Italy has been a country that has had legislation in place to prevent its citizens from wearing face coverings in public places that prevent facial recognition without a ‘justifiable reason.’

Up until this point in history, women in Italy have been able to where burqas by claiming Islam as their justifiable reason, and the country as accepted that as a legitimate excuse.

The northern region of Lombardy, however, has just approved a ban on women wearing a burqa in hospitals and local governments in light of the November attacks in Paris, France.

ISIS has taken credit for the slaughter that left 130 innocent civilians dead and hundreds more wounded in what is described as the largest terror attack in France’s history.

The new legislation in Italy, prohibiting facial coverings, will take effect at the beginning of the new year.

Simona Bordonali, the Alderman for Security and Civil Protection of the Lombardy Region, said,

“Whoever wants to enter a hospital in Lombardy must be recognizable and present themselves uncovered.” She added, “The burqa [and the] niqab are therefore banned.”

The ban on burqas is not the first that the world has seen after the threat of radicalized Islam was realized. In 2010, France approved of a ban of facial coverings in public places to include masks, balaclava, niqabs, and burqas in an effort to ensure the security of its citizens. The ban is also claimed to promote social freedoms that are hindered when women are forced to wear full body coverings like the burqa. Fadela Amara, a former junior minister within the French government, said,

“The veil is the visible symbol of the subjugation of women, and therefore has no place in the mixed, secular spaces of France’s state school system.”

Women who violate the law can face a fine of $205 and be forced to take a class on French values.

In Germany, full-faced veils were banned in 2011, and violators can face similar fines of almost $200 or serve a week in jail.

Spain has had local bans on burqas since 2010, however the Spanish Supreme Court has overturned some of the bans, calling them unconstitutional.

In the Netherlands, laws prevent citizens from wearing


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