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Liberals Find Out What Happens When You Open Your Home To Muslim Refugees


Bleeding heart, left winged liberals love to view people as “victims” and are convinced that the most heinous miscreants on earth are merely “misunderstood,” and they believe that with the right amount of tolerance, love and understanding, these miscreants can become loving, productive members of society, as willing and able to spread the love and rainbows and skittles as equally as themselves.

This pretty much describes a couple who just a few months ago were praised as angels of mercy and tolerance and skittles for opening up their large property and taking in over 100 Muslim refugees.

However, as anyone with a brain cell could foresee, THIS is what the headline in the same media outlet as back then is saying now!

As third world peasants will ALWAYS do, these migrants mistook the kindness of the couple as weakness, and sought to take advantage. This will ALWAYS happen when dealing with third world peasants!

The couple, who I hope have FINALLY become conservative, is Andrew and Rae Wartnaby, and as you can see by their picture


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