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Saudi transvestite faces prison or LASHES after he is spotted walking through a shopping mall wearing a burka

  • The man was spotted wearing the burka while walking around the mall 
  • 20-year-old was arrested by police after being thrown out of the complex 
  • Only women are allowed to wear the long garment while out in public 
  • He now faces prison or lashes when he appears before a court next week 

A transvestite who was spotted wearing a traditional burka is facing jail after sporting the garment while walking around a shopping centre in Saudi Arabia.

The man in his 20s will learn his fate next week, when he appears before a judge and can face prison or a lashing.

He was filmed on camera walking through the shopping mall in Taef, in the west of the country wearing an ababya, which all women are required to wear in public.



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