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The total collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable


Hm… don’t we know it.

The Saudis tried to undermine the US economy and oil trade by pushing the oil prices to rock bottom to push America out of the market, but it has backfired on them. America doesn’t really need Saudi oil. The world doesn’t need Saudi oil and can survive without it. Overall, low oil prices is good for the economy. It makes travels, transport, import, export, trade cheaper meaning it usually ends in higher profits for companies which result in more jobs, more hiring.

The only way for Saudi Arabia to survive is to turn into another Dubai and open its doors completely to the world, to tourism, to investments and to more freedom. But centuries of an insulated ideology and a bad reputation makes it too late for the Saudis to turn around.

Barely anyone wants to see Saudi Arabia. The Arabian desert is full of dead bodies, of people buried alive, punished, tortured, killed – in a taste of true Saudi hospitality. No one wants to associate with the Saudis  because their reputation is so bad.

The country is ugly, depressing and unappealing like a desert slaughterhouse. The people are corrupt, indulgent, inbred, unintelligent, lazy, fat, cruel, inept


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