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OUTRAGE IN CANADA: Workshop on converting non-muslims to Islam held at the University of Calgary

The Dawah [inviting people to embrace Islam] organization iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy) Calgary held at the University of Calgary a workshop entitled “Call of Duty – Dawah Training Course”.


The training workshop, held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 (9am to 6pm) at ICT Building 114, was organized in collaboration with the University of Calgary’s MSA (Muslim Students Association).

The organizes described the purpose and goal of the Dawah training workshop as follows:

“A one day interactive course teaching you how to talk to non-Muslims about Islam, convincingly and in a structured way.

“Learn what to do with all those uncomfortable questions that people always ask. Quickly and confidently be able to explain the core parts of the deen [religion of Islam], and reasons for belief. Build your confidence to be a true dawah [inviting others to embrace Islam] carrier in your community.”

On the Facebook event page of the workshop, the organizers added the following:

“… iERA Calgary in collaboration with the University of Calgary’s MSA have been able to organize a workshop that is aimed to help you excel in your dawah efforts and deliver this beautiful gift of Islam to others with the diligence and respect that it deserves!

“The Call of Duty course is a two day weekend course that aims to help you prove the existence of God, why there can only be ONE God, revelation and prophet hood, and how to clear up misconceptions about Islam!

“Join us this March the 16th-17th for a course you will not want


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