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Tragic end for Orca that died in agony after eating JUNK: Killer whale found to have yoghurt tub, food packets and a SHOE in its stomach after dying on beach

  • Killer whale washed up in Plettenberg Bay in South Africa’s Western Cape
  • Marine researchers found pots, a shoe and food wrappers in its stomach
  • Believed it was too weak to hunt so sought food in shallow waters


A killer whale which washed up on a beach in South Africa’s Western Cape died in agony after spending its last days eating rubbish.

The orca’s corpse was found in Plettenberg Bay and marine researchers found yoghurt pots, the sole of a shoe and food wrappers in the animal’s stomach.

It is believed the whale became unwell and too weak to hunt with the rest of the pod, so it sought food in shallow waters.




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