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‘He was smiling and shooting’ – witnesses describe Tel Aviv terror attack by muslim terrorist

  •  Two dead, eight wounded in shooting on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv
  •  Was Tel Aviv gunman driven by ISIS or emotionally unstable?


 “He was smiling, he was smiling when he was shooting,” Noa Keren said on Friday, still trying to grasp being a witness to a shooting attack thatkilled two people in Tel Aviv earlier in the afternoon.

Keren had just sat down with her sister at a table inside the Sidewalk café on the corner of Dizengoff and Gordon streets, when they heard what sounded like a quick series of gunshots.

Moments later, a man wearing all black appeared at the window a few meters in front of them, raised his gun and opened fire.

All the while, he had a smile on his face, Keren said.

At least two shots were fired into the café; one lodged into a table against the front window just moments after a diner had left to go to the bathroom, according to Keren and her sister.

Witnesses said the shooter then continued on foot down Gordon toward Rabin Square, vanishing before police arrived at the scene.

The shooter has yet to be found, and the city of Tel Aviv greeted the New Year with two dead and several wounded in the terrorist attack.

The heart of the attack was a few doors down from Sidewalk at the Simta pub, a bar busy with patrons braving the cold and rain for a birthday party and a Friday afternoon drink when the shooter stepped out of the grocery store next door, pulled a gun from his bag and began spraying the bar’s patrons with bullets before making his way north on Dizengoff to Gordon Street.

By evening, after the police and the press had mainly cleared away, loved ones and passersby continued to file past the bar, lighting candles and stopping to mourn.

Inside the bar, life was suspended – stools were still overturned and half-empty beers on the tables gave testament to the lives stopped short in an instant.

One witness, Mor, was across the street from the bar with her friends when they heard what sounded like gunshots and saw people racing in their direction.

Mor said they ran up Dizengoff and ducked inside a store, hiding inside of a storeroom as panic consumed those on the street outside.

“We waited inside and we didn’t know what to do. Even now, we want to go home but we’re afraid because we don’t know if they found him or not.”

Police were far from finding the shooter, and


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