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Islamophobic hate crimes in London have nearly doubled in the last two years as Muslims say they are ‘very conscious of keeping your head down’

  • EXCLUSIVE: Hate crimes against Muslims have gone up from 557 in 2013 to 878 by November 24, 2015
  • Incidents involve physical attacks, damage to property and verbal abuse
  • Islamophobic hate crimes more than tripled in the wake of the Paris terror
  • Muslims say people refuse to sit next to them on the Tube with many women now removing their headscarves and men shaving off their beards 

Hate crimes against Muslims in London have nearly doubled in the last two years.

There was also a record 146 attacks on Muslims last month, with 122 in the fortnight after the Paris terror attacks.

There is a greater sense of fear among the Islamic community, say campaigners, with Muslim women in particular revealing they are concerned for their safety and ‘very conscious of keeping your head down’.

The Metropolitan Police said the majority of the reported incidents and crimes related to harassment

Figures from the Metropolitan Police, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, showed there had been 557 Islamophobic hate crimes in 2013; 624 in 2014; and up to November 24 this year, 878.

Incidents may involve a physical attack, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, insults or hate mail.


The most recent population census found there were 1,012,823 Muslims living in the capital.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of the measuring anti-Muslim attacks group (MAMA), told MailOnline: ‘The number of crimes are rising given the frequency of issues that are buffeting and affecting Muslim communities.

‘Since 2013, we have had the murder of Lee Rigby and the huge rise in anti-Muslim hate incidents after that, the Rotherham grooming scandals the far-right used to whip up anti-Muslim hate, Charlie Hebdo, Paris, the rise of the so-called Islamic State and fear of terrorism, as well as the Syrian refugee crisis that have all impacted on wider perceptions.

‘In all of these incidents, the underlying issue has been one of negative images about Muslims and Muslim communities.

‘Victims are telling us that the language of anti-Muslim hate is becoming more aggressive and that visible Muslim women are feeling a greater sense of fear and negative looks at a street level.’



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