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Lunatic Hollywood liberal outrages Xtians by comparing muslim ‘refugees’ to Jesus’ family


There are two small problems with your analogy Susan… Jesus was NOT a Muslim and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem with Mary. For anyone who’s not paying attention…there don’t appear to be many female refugees accompanying male Muslim “refugees” to Greece.

Susan Sarandon spent the Christmas holiday on the Greek island of Lesbos assisting international organizations with the mounting Syrian refugee crisis — a crisis, she says, that recalls the travails of Joseph and Mary on their way to the Inn in Bethlehem.

In a column for the Huffington Post and RYOT, the 69-year-old Oscar-winning actress described meeting a 16-year-old girl who had apparently given birth shortly before arriving on the island.

“I smile and approach her, but without a translator, our conversation is basic-friendly,” Sarandon wrote of her experience. “She takes the bundle next to her and opens it to me. Inside is a perfect, rosy, newborn.”

The actress continues:

She is beaming, so proud. How did this young girl, just having given birth, manage that trip at sea? How did she do all that walking? Where did she give birth?

Wasn’t Mary just a kid too when she and Joseph took to the road? So far, there is no manger for this Syrian baby, no room at the inn.

Sarandon’s short column is part of a new collaborative series with the Huffington Post and the “virtual reality” network RYOT called The


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