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Obama Vowed No Vacations. His Astronomical Vacation Costs Have Just Been Revealed.


President Obama, AKA the vacationer-in-chief, is currently taking a load off in Hawaii because it’s exhausting being a “constitutional lawyer” who just spent seven years shredding the founding document when he wasn’t completely ignoring it. Once you add the amount of time spent stoking the racial fires, stifling economic growth, and strengthening our enemies, it’s a wonder he has time to sleep, much less end the mythic beast that is man-made-(up) global warming.

But I digress.

Judicial Watch, the government watchdog group, has just announced its findings regarding Obama’s luxurious lifestyle at taxpayer expense; the grand total so far, with still a year to go in office, reaches almost 71 million dollars. Yep, that’s 10.1 million a year in “known” expenses.

Investor’s Business Daily pointed out earlier this year that,

“The Obamas have “traveled more than any other first family, often with Mrs. Obama’s mother and her friends. By the summer of 2014 the Obamas had taken 31 international trips lasting 119 days. At the same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had taken 14 such trips over 73 days.”

“Last year when Mrs. Obama, her mother and two daughters toured China, they stayed in a Beijing hotel suite costing $8,400 per night.”

Joe Biden, currently vacationing with his wife in the Virgin Islands, hasn’t exactly suffered on the road either. Two years ago an unusually large Biden entourage ran up a London hotel bill of $480,000 in one night.The next day in Paris, Biden’s tab was $585,000, again for a single night.”

But back in 2008, then Senator Barack


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