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SAS train police firearms officers to shoot terrorists in the head…muslims are furious

  • Armed officers working with SAS to try and stop marauding gun attacks
  • Police chiefs admit training ‘includes critical head shots’ if no other option
  • Insist officers ‘do not shoot to kill’, but they ‘shoot to stop the threat’
  • Every firearms officer in London was out on duty for New Year celebrations

The SAS have trained police firearms officers to shoot terrorists in the head amid growing fears of a terrorist attack on British soil.

Armed officers have been working with members of the Special Forces to try and stop running gun attacks such as the ones witnessed in Paris last year.

While police chiefs admit the training ‘includes critical head shots’, they have insisted officers ‘do not shoot to kill’.


Simon Chesterman, deputy chief constable of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and national lead on armed policing, said: ‘We do not shoot to kill, we shoot to stop the threat, but inevitably this is highly likely to prove fatal.’

He told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Armed officers undergo rigorous training, which allows them to make a judgement call on whether life is at risk.

‘For the most extreme threats, or if there is no other option, this training includes critical head shots.

‘Officers must be able to justify that their action amounted to reasonable force to protect themselves or others in a bid to protect human life.’

It emerged last month officers were now trained to ignore victims and storm buildings housing terrorists straight away to save lives.



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