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Top 5 ways Israel helped the world this past year 2015

Over the past year, Israel significantly helped the world cope with humanitarian disasters, helped prevent a major series of terror attacks in Germany and is helping many countries cope with the global water crisis.

Rachel Avraham

The mainstream media is always fixated on anything negative that they can find about the State of Israel. Some of their accusations are downright false; others only tell the partial truth and still others only represent a small minority of Israelis but not the majority. Regardless, as we approach 2016, it is important to remember that this constant negative image of Israel in many circles across the globe is based merely on propaganda and does not reflect the true reality of what the State of Israel truly is. Thus, in honor of New Year’s Eve, I am going to highlight 5 ways that Israel helped the world this past year.

Number 1 on my list is the assistance that Israel is providing to Syrian refugees, who have fled perhaps the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of World War II, with some ethnic groups facing outright genocide by ISIS and the rest facing other crimes against humanity by both the Islamist groups and Assad’s regime. All of the time, Israel permits wounded Syrian civilians to cross the border and receive first class medical attention in Israeli hospitals that they could only dream of receiving within Syria or other Arab countries. Israel also operates a field hospital for Syrian refugees along the volatile Israeli-Syrian border. Additionally, Israeli volunteers are based in Europe, where they are aiding Syrian refugees there via the IsraAid organization. This has helped to foster positive relations between Syrians and the Jewish people, with certain elements of the moderate Syrian opposition now supporting peace with Israel due to the Jewish state’s humanitarian gestures towards the Syrian people and their decision to refrain from supporting both Assad’s regime backed by Iran alongside all of the Islamists.

In my opinion, number 2 on the list is Israel’s help in thwarting a series of major Paris-like terror attacks in Germany. According to Yedioth Achronot, this past November, Stern Magazine reported that there were supposed to be a series of terror attacks orchestrated by ISIS in Hanover. German government sources stressed that Israeli intelligence is what led to the cancellation of a soccer match between Holland and Germany, thus preventing a major terror attack at the stadium. Following the terror alert throughout Hanover, not only was a car bomb found near the stadium but a bomb was also found at the local train station, which led to the evacuation of the train station as well. Thus, Israeli intelligence helped to save numerous German lives.

Israeli assistance to Nepal is number 3 on my list. Within the past year, there was a major earthquake in Nepal. It was the most powerful earthquake to strike the country since 1934. Over 2,300 people died and over 5,000 were injured


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