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Why ISIS Needs to Be Destroyed Now



Dany Shoham, a top Israeli expert on chemical and biological warfare, has written a truly alarming overview of ISIS’s progress on weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

ISIS, Shoham notes, is “an even more brutal and radical group than al-Qaida” that “does not display any degree of morality whatsoever and does not fear the consequences of its deeds”; its “extreme…nature indicates that it would not hesitate to use any means to achieve its goals.”

ISIS, in other words, is exactly the kind of group you wouldn’t want to be in possession of WMD. But it already is — and its WMD capacities are growing all the time.

No further proof is needed as to whether ISIS would use these weapons — it already has. Shoham gives a spate of examples, such as this one from around September 2014: “ISIS insurgents surrounded hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in the Saqlawiyah district of northern Fallujah, and used chlorine gas to suffocate them before detonating a car bomb. This resulted in the death of 300 Iraqi soldiers.”

Or: “This past August, ISIS launched 45 120mm-mortar shells tipped with mustard warheads against the Kurds in Makhmour, Iraq, and the effects included burns, blisters, severe damage to the eyes, respiratory system, and internal organs.”

How is ISIS getting a hold of this stuff? In June 2014, Shoham notes, the group took over “the huge Muthanna State Establishment, the main Iraqi chemical weapons facility dating back to [Saddam Hussein’s regime].” Around that time, it also “captured approximately 40kg of uranium compounds at Mosul University.”

Does ISIS itself have the expertise to develop its WMD? No — but it brings in “Iraqi and Syrian scientists who are currently assisting the development of chemical weapons, particularly nerve and mustard gas. Foreign experts came from Chechnya and Southeast Asia as well.”

While ISIS, Shoham says, is very unlikely


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