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Your Bathroom Has Never Been This Clean….. A Candle is All You Need!

The bathroom is the worst place in the house to clean.

It has the most germs and it’s the least favorable for getting on your hands and knees to scrub. It’s especially frustrating when after all that cleaning you see that discoloration take place in between tiles. That ugly brown that seems impossible to get rid of. It turns out, there is a way to get those dirty looking crevices white again.

First you need a wax candle.


Rub the candle back and forth on the discolored areas. You’ll quickly see how it is working.

Rub it in especially on the areas where it comes into contact with water. Not only does it turn white, but it is providing a protective film so the dirty brown won’t come back.

This is a great trick to restore that brilliant white and get rid of the ugly brown! Definitely share this with all of your friends and family so they can experience clean looking bathroom floors once again!


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