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Obamas Caught Looking Completely Miserable … When You See Why, You Will Be Furious


A family vacation is supposed to be a time to relax and have fun. So when that vacation is over, family members usually aren’t in the best of moods when contemplating a return to their routine.

That was likely the explanation for the glum faces and foul expressions of the Obama family as they returned recently from their two-week vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

But … come on … the First Family had just spent time in a $12 million mansion at no cost to them (but costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars).

And what other family gets to return home by being flown in one helicopter (to Cape Cod), then on Air Force One (to Andrews Air Force base), followed by another helicopter (directly to the White House)?

In fact, no average American, many hanging on by fingernails to mediocre-quality jobs during these economic times, can get a two-week vacation, let alone spend that vacation in luxury paid for by someone else. The Obamas, in contrast, take vacations on an average of nearly once a month.

This family, as recently noted by The Political Insider, “is SO out of touch.”

… And miserable because it’s time to actually return to work (or school in the case of the Obama daughters). For President Barack Obama, it’s time to pay attention


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