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SAS sniper DECAPITATES ISIS bomber blasting armour-piercing bullets THROUGH WALL 1km away

A CRACK SAS marksman took out three key ISIS bombers by blasting armour-piercing bullets THROUGH A WALL from a kilometre away.

One jihadi was instantly decapitated by the high calibre rounds and his accomplices left in pieces – one had been cut in half by the ultra-powerful rifle bullets.

The British SAS shooter who took out the barbaric bombers is considered one of the best in the special forces and used the world’s most powerful rifle to eliminate the threat in a jaw-dropping fashion.

In an operation described as “out of the box”, the daring SAS shooter helped push ISIS back and save 20 innocent civilians.

He fired 30 armour-piercing rounds from his Barrett Light .50 calibre rifle into a two-storey command post in the city of Ramadi in Iraq.

Islamic State militants were using the command post to launch suicide attacks against the Iraqi army, who were closing in on the terrorists.

The British staff-sergeant was part of an elite team of military advisers embedded in the Iraqi army sent to help the fight against the Islamic State – also known as Daesh.

A source said: “The SAS always like to think out of the box.

“The command post was well fortified. They considered an air strike but that would cause too much collateral damage.

“They looked at a rocket attack but there was the possibility that the blast might cause the building to collapse and intelligence suggested there were civilians being held in the lower storey and in buildings close by.

“A staff sergeant in charge of one of the SAS teams working with the Iraqis came up with the idea of shooting through the wall.

“It was a case of ‘there’s nothing to lose.”


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