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Tel Aviv shooter was one of a longgggg line of terrorists released from Israeli prisons that went on to murder more Jews…when will this lunacy end?

Officer reveals misconduct of Tel Aviv terrorist in jail, expert who diagnosed him: ‘he said he had superpower and could prophesy.’


Documents and testimony revealed by Channel 10 on Sunday night throw light on the personality of Nashat Melhem, the Arab Israeli terrorist from Wadi Ara who gunned down two Israelis on Friday at a pub in Tel Aviv and wounded several others before fleeing.

A police officer from the north, who guarded Melhem following his arrest in 2007, told the news channel that he and his friends were not surprised to discover that Melhem was the terrorist behind the horrific shooting.

“He was a really problematic prisoner,” said the officer. “He would misbehave and go crazy. He wasn’t mentally ill as they are describing, but rather was just a bad person.”

“When I discovered that it was him, I couldn’t believe that they released him.”

In July 2007, Melhem was convicted of attempting to steal a soldier’s gun at Karkur Junction to the east of Hadera. His father, a volunteer in the police who has a permit to carry a weapon, asked that he be released and in exchange offered to supervise him.

Apparently the authorities saw nothing wrong with the proposal, and let Melhem go despite his attempt to steal a gun and potentially conduct a lethal shooting spree, and despite his misconduct in prison.

The director of the addiction treatment center, who refused to take in Melhem in 2007 following a professional diagnosis, wrote about what he found after talking with the Arab Israeli.

“After a conversation with him we got the impression that he needs continued treatment and psychiatric


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