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Did you know that every finger is connected with two organs…check out this Japanese method for bettering your well-being

The Japanese have curing treatment which requires 5 minutes and it is based on the fingers. In fact every finger is connected with two organs.

Jin shin jitsu is ancient frame of Japanese art for healing which help for balance of emotions thank to stimulation determined points of hands.


This treatment actually belongs to alternative medicine and it is based on hand’s fingers, especially the important points of the fingers which ca balance all the energy in body which from other hand is important for physical and emotional health of your body.

How it works:

If you need to act on some organ just take up the finger with the other hand and hold it tight from three to five minutes. Deep breathing is required and after massage on every finger on the both hands. You should use about three minutes on every finger.

Here are the organs connected with fingers:


Organs: stomach and spleenwort

Emotions: depression and worry

Physical symptoms: stomach pain, skin problems, headache, nervous

Trigger finger:

Organs: kidney and urinary


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