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Event in support of an “Islamic State” held at Ontario Mohawk College


The Canadian branch of the global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir held on Saturday, November 28, 2015, an event at the Mohawk Residence and Conference Centre (245 Fennel Ave. West, Hamilton, Ontario) for discussing the crisis in Syria and in support of the establishment of the Islamic State – the Caliphate.

The keynote speaker was Mazin AbdulAdhim, a Canadian Sunni Muslim of Iraqi descent, who vehemently opposes the Caliphate founded by ISIS in Iraq and Syria and does not accept the authority of its self proclaim Calif Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Rather he advocates for a new Caliphate that will implement the Islamic Law word for word, extend its authority over all the Muslim lands and unite all Muslims in the world under the flag of Islam.

he following are excerpts of the speech delivered by Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Canada residing in London, Ontario:


“That uprising [in Syria] started off as a fight for their children and a fight for justice and a fight to remove Bashar [Assad, President of Syria] and a fight for freedom with Islamic undertone, but because of the work of Dawah [propagating Islam] carriers in Syria reminding to the people that don’t make this into another uprising that goes back to something that the colonialists control.

“Call for what Islam tells you to call for which is Khilafa [Caliphate – The Islamic State] on the path of prophethood as promised by the Messenger of Allah [رسول الله], peace be upon him [PBUHصلى الله عليه وسلم], and that is required from us as Muslims.

“And the people of Syria accepted this very very quickly. It was amazing to watch. To see the shift in the flags. All the Syrian flags were thrown away.

The flag of the Messenger of Allah [رسول الله] was raised and anybody who carried that flag [the Syrian national flag] was looked as a traitor. The public opinion in Syria shifted so dramatically. It was almost surreal…” (11:43)


“The People of Syria, and this is something we had very little since 1924 [the fall of the Ottoman Empire – the last Caliphate], the society has risen up as a society and says we want Islam as a way of life, and the West will not have it, and this is what we are seeing.

“They [the West] are not just torturing people on individual scale, rather they torturing an entire society, an entire country in order to make them back from their Deen [religion دين] because remember, believing in Almighty Allah is not believing in doing nothing.

“Believing in Him [Allah] is believing in implementing His commands and abstaining from His prohibitions and removing those prohibitions from our societies. Implementing all of Islam, that’s is what is means to believe in Allah.

“There is not deity but Allah [لا اله الا الله] is Allah is the only source of legislation and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah [محمد رسول الله] it means that he is the one who brought us the legislation for us to implement…” (22:15)


“These are [Arab regimes] puppets, these men do not represent us. They are working with our enemies [the West] to maintain the colonial set-up that was established after the Caliphate [the Ottoman Empire]was destroyed…” (33:47)


“We must recognize a very important point. The Messenger of Allah PBUH established the first authority for Islam in [the City of] Medina… and the hijrah [migration هجرة]… it was a symbol of the establishment of the political Authority of Islam.

“The Messenger of Allah, PBUH went from having no political authority to becoming a ruler, from having no army to having the ansar [انصار] the military protection for Islam That what the hijrah is.

“But how did he achieve it? He achieved it by spreading ideas… it [the Islamic State] is established by spreading ideas.

“If the Ummah [Muslim nation] understands, if the Ummah understands what is required of us as Muslims, what Caliphate [Islamic State] looks like, what the system of Islam looks like and how to reach the establishment of the Caliphate according to the message of Messenger of Allah PBUH, the Ummah [Muslim nation] will rise up and knows exactly what we have to do.

“That’s the cause of the whole problem. It is a lack of understanding. It is not a lack of military power. We have more military power than anyone else in the whole world.

“It is not a lack of resources or wealth. We have more wealth and more numbers… we have the youngest and strongest demographic in the world. That is not our problem. The problem is that we don’t understand our own system – the Caliphate.

“And therefore how do we support the people of Syria? We


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