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PEGIDA brands Islam a ‘fascist ideology’ and vows to fight ‘migrant influx’ at UK launch

BRITAIN’S newest political movement controversially branded Islam a “fascist ideology” which is incompatible with British life as it marked its official launch yesterday.


The UK branch of the far-right German campaign group PEGIDA marked its introduction into the UK political sphere with a series of provocative and divisive statements about Islam and the current refugee crisis.

The new group, which has been set up by former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, also announced its first planned protest with a message calling on supporters to “save our culture”.

Addressing reporters at a pub in Luton, Mr Robinson said: “We have an ideological problem in this country with Islam. It’s not assimilated in any sort of way.

“Our political leaders and our European leaders are working against the interests of the people with the refugee influx – which is a migrant invasion – and we want to replicate the resistance of PEGIDA in Germany in the UK. It will be very different to how the English Defence League used to do things.

He then added: “I’m opposed to Islam as a fascist ideology. We are not an anti-Muslim group. We feel Muslims are victims of Islam.”

He also announced PEGIDA’s first major rally will take place in Birmingham and is being billed as a “peaceful silent walk”. Organisers have warned participants that “no alcohol or face coverings will be tolerated” in a bid to prevent the sort of drink-fuelled violence that marred EDL protests.

The walk is being organised in conjunction with PEGIDA branches across Europe and is centred on the theme “Save Our Country, Save Our Culture, Save Our Future”.

Birmingham City Council leaders issued a statement ahead of the upcoming march saying: “Brummies do not subscribe to ideas based on prejudice, intolerance and hate.

“That is why the planned launch of a new group in Birmingham is rejected by the council.”

The group, whose name is a German acronym standing for Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamisation Of The West, has been accused in some quarters of being a far-right hate group.

But Mr Robinson looked to distance it from both


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