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PIECES OF ****: ‘Palestinian’ News Agency Alleges Israel Responsible for Cancer in Gaza, West Bank


Palestine Press Agency reports that 70 Gazans are being diagnosed with cancer every month. West Bank Arabs are also getting more cancer diagnoses, with an increase of 40%  between 2010 and 2014.

While the article mentions that things like the high rate of smoking among Palestinians (22% of all adults) and the use of chemical pesticides in farms may account for some of this increase, it spends three paragraphs saying that Israel could be responsible for much of the cancer spike.

Because Israel is accused of using depleted uranium (DU) in the recent wars in Gaza.

In 2009, the IAEA said that it would investigate claims that Israel used DU in the first Gaza war. Israel said it would cooperate with the investigation. I cannot find any results.

One NGO claimed to have found evidence of a ridiculous 75,000 kg of DU dropped in Gaza. That study was released by the impartial sounding “Action of Citizens for the Total Dismantling of Nukes” and paid for by the Arab Commission on Human Rights. The study itself is a joke and provides no evidence


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