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Survivors of ISIS Ramadi siege say the streets are filled with ‘dogs eating the heads of Islamic State fighters’ after battle to reclaim the city left it unrecognisable

  • City of Ramadi recaptured by Iraqi government forces last week 
  • Survivors now reveal the devastation left behind from ISIS siege
  • Witnesses say there’s been no food or water and homes are destroyed 

Survivors of the battle of Ramadi have revealed the devastation left behind after Iraqi government forces reclaimed the city from ISIS militants last week.

The provincial captial of Anbar, some 70miles west of Baghdad, had been under ISIS control since May last year, but now only a handful of fighters remain in the city.

Civilians who have escaped the city say they had been without food for months and that only dogs now roam the streets of Ramadi, feeding on the bodies of dead ISIS militants.


A woman who fled the city this weekend told of how Ramadi has been reduced to rubble during the battle, and that most ISIS fighters have either fled or been killed in the siege.

‘We saw ISIS fighters when we left our houses, we saw their dead bodies in the streets,’ she told CNN.

‘Dogs are eating their heads. We only saw their hands and their legs.’

She also revealed the dire state families have been left in while ISIS has been in control of the city.

‘We have been without food for two months, no water for the past ten days,’ she added, speaking from a refugee camp  in Habbaniyah, 25 miles east of Ramadi.

‘We were surprised when we left our home and drove outside the city, we only saw destroyed houses and roads. We could not recognize the city. It looked like another city.’



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