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The 4 KIDNEY Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely To Ignore !

Kidney disease can be easily cured if it is detected on time. Symptoms appear quite earlier before people are able to realize that they have problems with the kidneys. If you fail to recognize these symptoms, you will probably have big problems. Read the article and find out which are the early symptoms of kidney disease.


Back pain in the lower region

Pain in the lower back, especially on the side you sleep on, may appear due to kidney damage on the same side. Furthermore the lower back pain will become severer after urinating in the middle of the night. Slowly the pain will reduce and you will be better soon.

Skin diseases

Kidney failure may cause dry and itchy skin. Kidneys are known to help with body detoxification. So, many skin problems can occur due to kidney damage.

Cannot remove the appropriate amount of waste

A very serious symptom is swelling of different body parts. We know that kidneys are responsible for removing toxic waste from the body and they cannot function properly if they are damaged. Because of this the waste deposits in the body which causes swelling.

Your urine can change and these changes can show us if something is not right. Thus, the urine color can change, can become foamy and concentrated . These symptoms for sure indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly.

Kidney failure can cause anemia as well

Erythropoietin is a hormone produced by the kidneys which


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