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The Hezbollah response to Israels’ assassination of one of its top leaders shows an organization weakened and tired


  •  Netanyahu answers Nasrallah: We will aggressively retaliate to any attack
  •  Hezbollah sets off large border bomb targeting IDF heavy vehicles


On Monday afternoon he tried to follow through on the promise and, fortunately, he did not have much success. Hezbollah can tell its supporters that it avenged the death of Samir Kuntar and embellish the lie published in the Lebanese media that the attack’s target was a senior IDF officer or Mossad operative. Israel could have retaliated to the attack with great force by deploying the air force, but made due with a minimal response.

The incident reflects the new reality on the northern border. The Syrian civil war, in which Hezbollah is involved up to its neck and has already lost about a quarter of its military force, has neutralized the Shi’ite-Lebanese organization’s ability to act against Israel. Almost ten years have passed since the Second Lebanon War, and Israel’s deterrence is still holding. Hezbollah does not want to find itself in a conflict with Israel on the border, forced to open up a second front in addition to its ongoing role in the Syrian conflict.

However, if Hezbollah acts in accordance with its image, the group cannot let slide the series of hits it has taken at the hands of Israel in recent years. According to reports, Israel has opened up a second front against Hezbollah in Syria. On at least ten occasions in the last three years, the air force has attacked convoys carrying long-range missiles and air defense batteries from Syria to Hezbollah.

With Iranian backing, the Shi’ite group has attempted



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