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GERMANS ARE PISSED: PreviousNext German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office sealed off due to ‘suspicious package’ as her numbers plummet due to muslim ‘refugee’ stance

Police closed off the main entrance to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin on Wednesday after a suspicious object was reported, but they found nothing dangerous.


A sniffer dog alerted officials during a routine check of mail arriving at the chancellery on Wednesday morning, but explosives experts declared it safe later in the day.

Ms Merkel remained in the building in downtown Berlin, which was not evacuated, and chaired a regular Cabinet meeting Wednesday morning.

Photographs from the scene show four plastic yellow postal crates in the cordoned off area outside the main entrance of the German Federal Chancellery.

The ‘suspicious package’ was discovered during a routine security check at the entrance of the Chancellery, a police spokesperson said.

The Chancellery in Berlin is one of the largest government headquarters in the world, and although it has a semi-official ‘Chancellor apartment’, Ms Merkel lives in a private flat at a separate location.

Ms Merkel has come under fire over her open border policy on migration, which has seen Germany welcome 1.1million refugees and migrants this year – more than any other EU country…



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