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How a 1900’s US Army Major discovered the muslim krytonite…PIGS


Circa A.D. 1900, U.S. Army Major “Black Jack” Pershing (he would later achieve the highest rank possible: “General of the Armies”) was involved in suppressing a rebellion by the “Huks” in the Philippines.  The Huks were fierce Muslim warriors.  Motivated by their Muslim faith, the Huks did not fear death.  If they died fighting in a Jihad, they were guaranteed a trip to Paradise complete with 72, count ’em, 72 virgins.

The Huks therefore fought with such intensity and fearlessness that the Army reportedly developed the .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol to put them down.  If they were shot with smaller calibers, they simply kept charging.

Major Pershing realized he was not simply engaged in a shooting war.  He was engaged in a spiritual war (Jihad).  He adjusted his tactics accordingly and started fighting on a spiritual level.  He opted to fight Jihad with the Muslim faith.

Pershing  eventually stopped the Huk uprising by capturing 20 Huks, lining 19 up against a wall and shooting them while the one remaining Huk observed.  Major Pershing made sure that the survivor observed and understood that each of the bullets used to kill the 19 captives had been dipped in pigs blood before they were fired.  After the 19 captives had been killed by pig-infused bullets, their 19 bodies were buried in a common grave filled with pig bodies, entrails and blood.  Major Pershing made sure that the one survivor understood that the 19 bodies had been buried in pig remains.

Pershing released the lone survivor to tell his story to his fellow Muslim rebels.  The Muslims–made fearless by their faith (at least in relation to lead bullets and personal death)–were similarly terrified by their faith and the prospect of dying with pigs blood in their body and being


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