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The Latest Star Wars Theory: Is Rey Jewish?

Of all the theories about Rey – and there have been a lot – this one definitely seems the most plausible.


Note: spoilers ahead

Since the release of The Force Awakens, the latest highly-anticipated Star Wars installment, internetland has been positively abuzz with theories about the characters’ respective trajectories. And leading the frenzy of hypothesizing has been, of course, the galaxy’s newest heroine: Rey (she of no surname).

Fan conjectures about Rey have centered primarily around her ancestry, which ranges in potential from one of our Skywalker heroes to the Kenobi line. Some separatists believe she is an organic, genetically unconnected Jedi, possibly a former Padawan of Luke’s when he was still in the business of training young’uns.

The latest theory attempts to prove that Rey’s lineage is, regardless of these arguments, undoubtedly Jewish. Here’s why:

1. Rey is a Survivor

Left on Jakku at age five, the film’s scrappy protagonist has had to make her way alone for years, and does so with aplomb. While lamentable table manners betray a lack of parental figures in her life, it becomes clearer and clearer throughout The Force Awakens that our Rey has raised herself on a hearty diet of durability, moxie, and thinking on her feet. Rey is thus the very picture of Jewish grit and imperishability.

2. She Has Wandered the Desert for Many Years

Jakku, or Judea? We can’t tell the difference. The planet of Rey’s self-upbringing is all sand and no water – a setting Jews tend to feel pretty at home in, what with the whole forty years in the desert thing. Replace manna with dehydrated bread and the stone tablets with BB-8’s map, and you basically have a Bible story in space. SPACE BIBLE.

3. She Can Haggle

Rey manages to feed herself by salvaging junk left on the all-but-deserted desert planet after the Battle of Jakku, which she trades for that absolute delicacy, dehydrated bread (at least we assume that’s what that stuff is). Her scavenging skills have earned the respect of the Jakku establishment, insofar as it exists, and she has learned the necessity and skill of bartering with bread-holders like Unkar Plutt in order to


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