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Twitter fury after 1,000 Muslims sexually attack women: Germany censors media


Twitter users unleashed a volcanic tirade after 1,000 Muslims sexually assaulted or raped women in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve. In particular, Twitter was furious that Cologne mayor Henriette Reker suggested German women follow a “code of conduct” to ensure they don’t get raped or sexually assaulted by Muslim men.

Over 121 women have filed police reports so far, sayingthey were attacked by 1,000 men of “Arab or North African origin” at a New Year’s Eve celebration in the Cologne city square. The victims were groped, robbed, or raped by 1,000 Arab males near the main train station and public square in Cologne, where crowds had gathered to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

No arrests have been made so far. Shockingly, the “feminist” mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, responded by blaming the victims, saying German females should modify their behavior to prevent being raped by Muslim refugees.

Specifically, Reker suggested women maintain “an arm’s length” from strangers (she didn’t explain how one maintains an arm’s length distance in a crowd). This absurd advice launched a Twitter storm with the hashtag #einearmlänge (which translates to “an arm’s length”). One man wrote:

Don’t teach Muslim men not to rape. Teach European women not to go outside without a male relative.

A women wrote sarcastically, “I have short arms. Will that be a problem for me then?” #einearmlänge.

As news of the sex attacks spread across Germany and the rest of the world, the public was enraged that mainstream media had initially tried to cover up the news because of the ethnic backgrounds of the criminals.

German TV station, ZDF, apologized for its decision to deliberately not report the Cologne sex attacks amid reports they had been ordered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor or soften its reporting of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants.

Rather than worry about rape victims, Merkel is more concerned


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