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In 2007 Australia’s Prime Minister Made 1 Chilling Prediction About Obama… and It Just Came True


Australian Prime Minister John Howard made a prediction about then-candidate Barack Obama in 2007 that many thought was uncalled for, but turned out, sadly, to be true.

Howard made his statements in February 2007 as Obama was campaigning for the presidency and promising to withdraw troops from Iraq. That vow alerted Howard to the fact that if Obama won the presidency, Iraq and the Middle East could descend into chaos.

Howard also warned that an Obama presidency would be a boost for the terrorists, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I think that would just encourage those who wanted completely to destabilize and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for (an) Obama victory,” Howard told the Nine Network.

“If I was running Al Qaeda in Iraq, I would … pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats,” he added.

“And, if America is defeated in Iraq, the hope of ever getting a Palestinian settlement will be gone,” he concluded.

It is chilling to think of just how Howard nailed it. He knew if Obama followed through on his promises, there would be chaos in the Middle East, allowing dangerous terrorists to gain footing in the area.

The Islamic State group established its stronghold in


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