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Jerusalem Arabs planned to assassinate Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Two terrorists from wide Hamas terror cell indicted for building bomb lab, planning to set a bomb under stage as PM gave a speech.

By Ido Ben-Porat


The attorney’s office on Friday submitted indictments against two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem for running an explosives lab, providing aid to an enemy in wartime, and being in contact with a foreign agent – and planning to assassinate the prime minister.

The two terrorists were named as 22-year-old Hazam Sanduka and 19-year-old Fahdi Abu Kia’an, and they are part of a wide Hamas terror cellbusted last month.

According to the indictment, the two helped a Hamas terrorist in preparing terror attacks with explosives.

The Hamas terrorist rented an apartment in Abu Dis just to the east of Jerusalem, and obtained chemicals through the help of Sanduka, who was told how to prepare explosives and was asked to locate appropriate targets for shooting attacks.

The terrorist wanted to prepare two liters of explosives, and to smuggle them into Jerusalem in Sanduka’s car.

Sanduka, who in the past worked for a security firm in Jerusalem, suggested planting a bomb at the Jerusalem Payis Arena, underneath the stage to be detonated as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave a speech.

The two planned the assassination, but did not determine a date to launch the attack.

Abu Kia’an, an active supporter of Islamic


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