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Muslim parents’ fury after their six-year-old son was put on a NO-FLY list: Canada to investigate why boy has been deemed a travel risk since he was a toddler

  • Syed Adam Ahmed was flagged up at Toronto’s Pearson Airport
  • He was labelled a ‘DHP’ or ‘deemed high profile’ label ahead of a flight
  • The Muslim family say the boy has to go through extra security checks 
  • The boy and his father were both born in Canada, his mother’s family fled apartheid in South Africa  

Furious parents have prompted Canada’s public safety minister to investigate why their six-year-old son’s name appears on a no-fly list.

Syed Adam Ahmed was flying from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last week when his name popped up with a ‘DHP’ or ‘deemed high profile’ label.

The Muslim family says it has been a constant problem since he was a toddler and requires him to go through extra security checks – even though he was born and raised in Cananda.

The Ontario boy’s father Sulemaan tweeted a photo from the terminal with the message on a security computer screen.


The father and son were flying on New Year’s Eve to the NHL Winter Classic in Boston.

He wrote to Air Canada: ‘Why is our (Canadian born) 6 year old on DHP no fly list? He must clear security each time. He is 6.’

They eventually made it to watch the game on January, but not after the avoidable frustration.

The boy’s mother, Khadija Cajee, said the family have never been able to check their son in for flights online, and he needs special clearance every time they go to the airport.

The boy and his father were both born in Canada, and Cajee’s family came to the country from South Africa, fleeing apartheid, she said.

Cajee doesn’t know why her son is on the list, but she assumes he shares a name with someone who actually earned a place on it.

‘He’s basically being carded for being Muslim,’ Cajee told Toronto’s Global News in a televised interview.



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