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$150 for a carton of milk in the besieged city where Syrians are starving to death at the hands of ISIS

  • Madaya near Damascus has been under siege by Assad’s troops since July
  • Activists say desperate residents have resorted to eating domestic animals
  • The Red Cross will deliver aid but not expected until Sunday at the earliest 
  • At least 23 people thought to have starved to death there since December

Food is available in a besieged city in Syria only for the few who can afford it while aid is unlikely to arrive until at least tomorrow.

The UN has confirmed it has received ‘credible reports’ of people starving to death in Madaya, near Damascas, where milk can cost around £100 per pint.

The Red Cross will launch a ‘huge and complicated’ operation to help the residents, as well as under-siege towns Foua and Kfarya in the northwest, but a spokesman said it was unlikely to begin before Sunday.


Pawel Krzysiek, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said that food and medical assistance would be provided to the beleaguered residents.

Madaya is home to 42,000 people and has become notorious in recent days because of the cases of starvation recorded there.

It is surrounded by pro-government forces while Fuaa and Kafraya are encircled by rebel groups.

The towns are part of a UN-brokered truce deal that would see an end to hostilities there in exchange for humanitarian aid.



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