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China just destroyed this 120-foot-tall gold statue of Chairman Mao

By Adam Taylor


It was certainly an audacious project. The 120-foot-tall statue of Mao Zedong, the much-loved and much-feared Communist revolutionary who built modern China, was said to have cost entrepreneurs half a million dollars to build. That the statue was built in the rural Henan Province, one of the areas worst hit by famines during Mao’s radical industrialization and collectivization projects, led some to feel that it was inappropriate.

When photographs of the golden statue appeared online this week, they quickly spread through social media – prompting some outrage, but mostly mockery. Many social media users suggested that the fearful Chairman Mao had been depicted on the toilet, for example.

Apparently, Beijing wasn’t too happy with the attention. On Friday, new photos began to spread on social media that suggested the statue was being torn down.


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