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EYEWITNESS: 500 Violent Muslims tried to STORM POPULAR NIGHTCLUB in Germany on New Year’s

By Pamela Geller


New Year’s Eve in Europe is much worse than previously thought. How did Merkel and the Merkel-media think they could cover this up?

According to reports, up to 500 aggressive Muslims tried to storm the club…police were overwhelmed here, too. As can be seen in the translated excerpt below:

…Effective immediately, the police plan to change their approach in the “Neue Bahnhof” district. “From these findings necessary consequences and measures were derived for this weekend. In particular, the timely and direct communication between security services and the police has been agreed upon. More here.

Previously I reported on nightclubs who were vilified as racist for attempting to limit Muslim refugees into their clubs in order to protect the women.

An eyewitness reports of the riots – first reports of sexual assaults Bielefeld Silvesternacht worse than we thought? Westfalen, January 9, 2016:

Google tranlsate:

Bielefeld (WB). The riots in the New Year’s Eve in the new station district in Bielefeld have been obviously heavier than previously known.

The chief of security of the “Elephant Clubs’ reports


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