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Germans form vigilante groups after NYE assaults, vow to eliminate the Islamic threat from their country


The police are worried as thousands of Germans join vigilante groups.

After the mass harassment of women on New Year’s Eve in various German cities, citizens in among Düsseldorf have decided to form vigilante groups, writes the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Local citizens have created a Facebook group called “Düsseldorf passt auf!” (Düsseldorf watch out!) which in a few days have had more than eleven thousand members. According to the group’s description, the purpose of the group is to organize patrols in the city on holidays and at various events so that, according to the group description, “our women can safely walk in our city”.

The group members express, among other, dissatisfaction with the police and the state, writes FAZ.

Together we are strong, we will get the criminals, members of the group write.

Düsseldorf police in a statement expressed concern about the citizens’ initiative.

Similar groups seem to be rapidly popping up


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