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HURRY! Sign up by Jan. 15th, and Milan will pay you to host Muslim ‘refugeehadists’ in your home…families with daughters get preference

The second-biggest Italian city is offering a monthly payment of 350 euros ($376) to every resident willing to host a refugee, or an asylum seeker, in their home. The city of Milan announced with a post on its Facebook page that soon local residents will be paid for giving shelter to one or more Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as refugees.

Vice  “Several (suicidal) local families have already stepped forward to offer shelter to the people that are seeking asylum and have been granted international protection, fleeing war and persecution,” the city said in its status update.


Candidates can apply until January 15, and in order to be accepted, “families will take part in a training course and will be interviewed by a psychologist who will evaluate the motives, expectations and willingness of every family member, as well as their compatibility with the person they could be hosting at home.”

The experimental program is funded by the national government as part of a broader network called “System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees” or SPRAR in its Italian acronym, which houses around 20,000 people throughout Italy according to government data. The hosting period is six months, but can be extended.

Pierfrancesco Majorino, who heads the city’s department of Social Policies, was quoted in Italian media as saying that he is “proud” of the program and that it is an “economical way” of helping refugees.

That’s not what many on Italy’s right say, though —Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League party, said


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