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Israeli device is eyes for vision-impaired

OrCam has tiny camera that can help visually-impaired people navigate cities, identify currency and products, and read texts – and now it’s available in Hebrew.

Udi Etsion and Sagi Cohen

OrCam, an Israeli device that can help visually-impaired people “see,” is now available in Hebrew.

The Jerusalem-based company evening unveiled on Tuesday a new version of its computerized device for the visually-impaired.

The device consists of a tiny camera mounted on eyeglasses and a wire connecting it to a computer about the size of a cigarette box, which can scan the surroundings and report what it sees – now, for the first time, also in Hebrew.


Operating the device is not complicated. With the push of a button, it photographs the object in front of the user and reads text out loud into his or her ear. It can help people read street signs and bus numbers, identify currency and products, and read menus, newspapers, and books, etc.


An additional use opens up a whole range of possibilities: the device can capture faces, allowing users to identify people he or she cannot see – or whose name he or she had simply forgot. The device does not, however, record


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